War of words: Monica Conyers, 910 AM owner clash over her dismissal

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910 AM owner Kevin Adell, left and Monica Conyers

Over the years Monica Conyers has been known for saying some pretty outlandish things. But now the tables have turned as her former employer sends out a memo about her that is far from typical office jargon.

Kevin Adell, the owner of 910 AM alleges that Monica Conyers used to call him for refreshments for guests while he was on vacation as one of many reasons she was let go. Conyers says how can she be fired from a job that she was already leaving.

"I just decided that it's just not something I want to do anymore and I told him that so I guess now he says he fires me," she said. "It's okay. If that's what he believes I'm okay with that."

Monica Conyers unfazed after 910 AM radio claims it fired her for trying to book a $750 a night hotel room on the company's dime.

"I've worked here at the Word Network for 17 years, I would never book myself at the Peninsula for any trip," said John Mattiello.

Mattiello, the director of marketing for the station set up the trip.

Conyers planned to attend the funeral of Carolyn Rush, the wife of Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush.

"I went right to Kevin (Adell) and I explained to him that she wanted a hotel and she wanted stay at the Peninsula," Mattiello said. "So he told me at that point immediately the trip is off."

That, reportedly, was the last straw.

In an internal memo made public, 910 AM owner Kevin Adell says Conyers violated company policy.  She tried to use her husband Congressman John Conyers' federal government ID to get a discount at the Chicago hotel.

He also accused her of being loud and obnoxious in the 910 am hallways, "partying like its 1999" and taking all of the Word Network, radio and TV station swag for her own personal use.

"Someone sent that to me and I'm like what?" Conyers said.

"In terms of these allegations, I don't know, I wasn't there," said Rev. David Bullock. "I will say 910 is a family atmosphere and sometimes when you have a family atmosphere the lines of professionalism may get crossed sometimes."

Pastor, activist and 910 AM radio host Rev. David Bullock.

"I think its unfortunate we lost Monica Conyers and I also think it's unfortunate that it seems like there might have been a rift between Monica Conyers and the owner."

As controversial as her exit may seem, Conyers is the latest radio host to part with 910 AM. At least six others have either left or have been let go.

One host who declined an on camera interview says the common denominator in most of those cases is owner Kevin Adell and his personal beefs with some hosts.

As for Conyers, she's not losing any sleep over losing this job -- if it can be called that.

"I wasn't like working for you," she said. "He doesn't pay me it's not something I get paid to do, it's something I volunteered to do and he asked me."

No comment from Congressman John Conyers over allegations his wife tried to book reservations at the five-star Chicago hotel.