Warmer weather means protecting yourself from sports injuries

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With the weather warming up, many are heading outside and getting active. But that activity can sometimes welcome some body aches and pains. Dr. Marc Milia, an orthopedic surgeon with Beaumont, joins us with some advice for how to prevent the injuries -- and how to tell if they're serious.

3 ways to prevent injury

1. It may be easier said than done, but Dr. Milia says the key is staying in shape through the winter.
2. If you're playing an active sport you haven't done for a while, he recommends taking some Advil
3. Stretch for a few minutes beforehand

3 signs to see a doctor for the injury

1. A traumatic injury that is accompanied by bruising or swelling
2. Can't bear weight on the injury
3. Can't sleep

Dr. Milia also recommends some braces and other over-the-counter remedies for sports injuries. You can see by watching his interview in the video player above.