Warren Carjacking victim moved to tears when she receives a new car

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The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Jan Jenkins was carjacked in her driveway in Warren. As she was trying to fight for her car she was punched and dragged down her driveway.  

"I have an autistic son. It's been so hard. The other day I caught 8 buses just to get to and from work and to take him to the doctor because he has appointments. It's just been really, really hard," she said.

But with the help of some really good people, Jim Riehl from Jim Riehl's Automotive Group in Warren has given her a Jeep Patriot. 

"To help her out so she's not riding buses and thank God the weather hasn't been that bad. Now you're going to be in a Jeep Patrito 4x4 and you won't have to worry," Riehl said.

This all may not have been possible if not for two officers who took initiative. They worked with Jan and her story overwhelmed them.

"I'm so thankful that they came to my house that morning and thankful that they've been by my side this whole time," she said.

For Jim Riehl, he's been in business for 30 years but today, much like Jan, this is one he'll never forget.