Warren Evans' deficit plan praised at state capitol

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans was at the state capitol today and getting high marks for how he is handling the deficit reduction program in the county. 

“I appreciate what Wayne County is doing,” said Governor Rick Snyder. “I appreciate what Warren Evans is doing and I think he is doing a great job of addressing our financial issues.”

“Wayne County has made tremendous progress over the last few months,” said Nick Khouri, state treasurer. “I am very hopeful that they will get their financial situation in order.”

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans was in this town to thank lawmakers for their support and to make sure "they don't hurt us anymore."

He has a good story to tell.

“The structural deficit is almost gone, I think that the accumulated deficit is significantly reduced,” said Evans. “Healthcare benefits have been significantly reduced and we had a lot of cooperation from folks there.”

“As you know I had a consent agreement and I did not have to use it 13 out of 14 times," said Evans. 

Mr. Evans and the governor are upbeat about avoiding bankruptcy like Detroit and not needing an emergency manager.

“That’s clearly the intent to avoid an emergency manager, and Wayne County is making positive progress,” said Gov. Snyder.

One major hurdle remains, what to do with the Wayne County Jail.

That is a monster that we still have to tame, we are looking at all the options,” said Evans.

The state treasurer is monitoring the progress in Wayne County and is pleased but he concedes the jail is a challenge that threatens the elimination of the county debt.

“They have to find a financially viable solution, it is part of the consent agreement,” said Khouri.

Fox 2: So bankruptcy and EM appears very remote?

Khouri: “At this point both seem very remote.”

Mr. Evans hopes to have a jail fix plan in place within the next month.