Warren family looking for stolen memory book

A Warren family is offering a reward for the return of an irreplaceable memento.

April Trontl spent weeks making personalized albums for her two sons after their father, 42-year-old Matt Trontl, died of a heart attack two years ago. Now, photographs from fishing trips, dirt bike riding and birthdays are all the family has left. But, Mason's book was recently stolen.

"It's got everything in it. Every picture of them and their dad, everything they did, and I wanted them to have it because when my husband died they were concerned that, not only that he was gone, but [about] the things he was going to continue to miss," April says.

Monday night, April says after bringing her son's book to show a friend going through the same heartache, she discovered the tote bag carrying the book was stolen, along with loose change from inside her car.

"When you take from people, you don't know who you're taking from. You don't know what their circumstances are, and you don't care," she says. Since then, April and her sons have been walking the neighborhood near 9 Mile and Ryan Road looking in bushes, even dumpsters, thinking the thief may have thrown it out.

"It had my certificate in there from when we won first place in baseball - something that you cannot replace," says Mason. "It's got a lot of the stuff in there that I've done with my dad that I can look back on."

The sons say the books, with the photos and personal letters from those who knew their dad, help them cope with the loss.

"There's things in there that I read that I didn't know happened. It was just cool to learn more things about him," says Matthew.

April says she feels sick to her stomach thinking someone would take the book, and simply asks: "Bring it back. Bring it to the police station. Drop it off anywhere. Tell me where you threw it out. Anything," April says. The Trontl family says they're even offering a $500 reward for the return of Mason's memory book, no questions asked. If you have any information you're asked to contact the Warren Police Department.