Warren man injured after setting off fireworks while drinking

A Warren man learned the hard way this Fourth of July that drinking while setting off fireworks isn't a good idea.

Kevin Donagan says he now has a $2,000 medical bill.

The 67 year old is recovering from injuries to his neck, torso, arms and legs.

After lighting a powerful firecracker, he wasn't able to drop it in the launch tube in time.

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It exploded on the ground, sending shrapnel into his body, which doctors had to remove.

The Warren fire crew responding said Donagan was extremely intoxicated at the time.

He was very lucky -- a piece of metal that became lodged in his neck barely missed a major artery.
The Warren fire department is stressing alcohol and fireworks never mix.

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"I went to throw it and it didn't go," he said. "It landed on the ground so you have to be extremely careful with this stuff. I'm just tore up every which way."