Warren officer injured, chase ends in crash

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Police in Warren and other agencies were chasing a car with a driver suspected in the robbery of a credit union when the chase ended in a crash just off 696 Thursday afternoon.

Sterling Heights Police confirm that the suspect vehicle was wanted for the robbery of a Vibe Credit Union at 14 Mile and Van Dyke around 1 p.m. Thursday.

The driver was running from police and headed west on 11 Mile in Warren when he crashed into another vehicle. A Warren police vehicle was also involved in the crash and wound up on it's roof in the median between 696 and 11 mile.

According to Warren Police, the car was carrying two suspects wanted in the robbery. Warren say the two men had tried to rob two other banks prior to robbing the Vibe Credit Union.

A BOLO was issued for a Chevrolet HHR. Warren police spotted them at Martin and Van Dyke and tried to pull them over. The suspects sped away and the crash ultimately took them on 696.

The driver took the 11 mile exit and a Warren officer following right behind them and lost control on the ramp. The two officers in that police car are expected to be okay. Witnesses saw what appeared to be a motorcade of police cars, at first, slowly following the suspects on 696, getting off near 11 mile, and speeding up.

"I see this orange HHR kind of cruising" one witness said. "They had crashed. The grey truck almost went over and then the police vehicle was upside down."

One of them, was celebrating his last day on the job, before he was sent on the chase, according to Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

"Both appear to have back injuries, both are alert and talking," Green said. "It's hard to tell if they hit the curb or if the vehicle started sliding and maybe they compensated, but the vehicle flipped over a couple times, ended up landing on top there upside down, the officers were lucky. "

Warren police say one of the suspects was hurt as was a driver in the truck they hit.

"The two bad guys, one is in custody in warren, the second one has some substantial head injuries and was transported to the hospital as well," Green said.

Police recovered what they say was a large sum of money in the suspects' vehicle, but found no weapons. Warren and Sterling Heights police, Michigan state police, and the FBI are still investigating.