Warren pharmacy tech stole 2,200 prescription pills in 2 months

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A pharmacy tech is accused of stealing thousands of pills at an east side Meijer store.

Investigators say Brahndi Miller stole more than 2,200 prescription pills and is facing several years in prison.
"Over the course of less than two months we are talking almost 2,300 pills," said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

County prosecutors along with Warren police say Miller, the pharmacy tech at the Schoenherr and 10 Mile Meijer, smuggled bottles of the generic form of Xanax from inside the store.  

Miller then picked up the pills and pretended to restock them.

"Taking them, going into another room, putting them in her shorts and then pretending to restock them," Smith said.

Prosecutors say Miller began stealing the generic Xanax - which is used to treat anxiety and depression - on three separate occasions last month and earlier this month.

"I'm sure somewhere along the way she discovered that these generic Xanax have a street value," Smith said.

Prosecutors say it wasn't too difficult to catch Miller thanks to regular inventory being done and surveillance cameras.

"It's not one or two pills missing - it's 2,300," Smith said. "The idea that she doesn't think she's going to be caught is always something that strikes me."

All three thefts were caught on camera. Warren police arrested Miller and prosecutors have since charged her with possession with Intent to distribute and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud - both 4-year felonies - along with a misdemeanor charge of embezzlement.
"The drug epidemic we have going on right now (and) the idea that someone entrusted to make sure these pills are going to the right people, that someone like that would steal these pills, with the idea of selling them on the streets is incomprehensible to me."