Warren police: Break-in that left man shot to death was not random

What was first thought to be a random break-in that left an intruder shot dead and homeowner wounded in Warren, has new evidence

Police say the 20-year-old resident knew the 26-year-old man who confronted him early Friday morning. 

During the confrontation the 20-year-old was wounded in the finger and leg according to his father who called police. Police say the dead 26-year old may have gotten into their Warren home through a rear window. 

"In essence it wasn't even a home invasion," Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said. "Because it was between people that were acquainted. It looks like the majority of shots were fired by the victim himself - perhaps as many as five or six."

When police got to the house on Blancke Street after 2:15 a.m. Friday morning they found the 26-year-old shot with hundred dollar bills scattered around him.

Dwyer making said the incident was far from random and that it was obvious there was some sort of score to settle.

There was some sort of a get-even type thing," he said. "For whatever reason, was it some sort of relationship, a romantic relationship, we are not sure at this point, but that is a possibility."

A 29-year-old woman that investigators found sitting in a car outside is believed to have driven the 26-year-old man over there. Police arrested her on traffic charges and its possible her relationship with the shooter started it all.

Police say the man shot to death had a long record of brushes with the law.  The 20-year-old shooter was on probation for gun and drug charges. Police also say he was awaiting trial for allegedly holding his girlfriend at gunpoint here at the home.

"The female is going to be charged with possibly a conspiracy-type case here," Dwyer said.