WATCH: Coverage of the Republican National Convention Day 2

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Day 2 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland featured some more drama, twists and turns.

Donald Trump may officially be the Republican nominee, but that didn't stop at least one state from taking exception to the way its votes were counted during Tuesday night's presidential roll call at the GOP convention.

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The Alaska delegation is disputing how its votes were recorded and requesting a formal poll of its delegates. But House Speaker Paul Ryan has declared that Alaska's 28 votes are going to Trump - who already had more delegates than he needed to win. The dispute appeared to be over Alaska state party rules that say a candidate loses his or her delegates if the candidate's campaign is no longer active. All of Trump's challengers suspended their campaigns when it became clear the New Yorker would win the nomination.

The question is why all 19 delegates from the District of Columbia were awarded to Donald Trump. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won the district's convention during the primary season and Ohio Gov. John Kasich came in second. Trump didn't win any delegates back in March.

But party rules in the district say that if only one candidate's name is placed into nomination at the national convention, then all 19 delegates go to that candidate. Trump was the only candidate to be nominated at the convention.

Christie is firmly behind Republican nominee Donald Trump - and says he's been friends with Trump for 14 years.

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says Hillary Clinton is promoting a "new world order" that would allow the government in Washington to trample Americans' freedoms.

The retired neurosurgeon is set to tell delegates at the Republican National Committee that Clinton will push what he's calling "cancerous policies" that perpetuate poverty.

Carson says Clinton would appoint liberal Supreme Court justices who would cement those policies. The Detroit native said - in excerpts of his prepared remarks - that Donald Trump would preserve the "ideals upon which this country was founded."

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he'll be sharing the rostrum with "President Donald Trump" the next time there's a State of the Union address on Capitol Hill.

Ryan hesitated for a while before finally endorsing the businessman last month. The Wisconsin lawmaker tells the Republican National Convention that only by electing Trump and running mate Mike Pence does the country "have a chance at a better way."

He says Hillary Clinton represents a third term of what he's calling President Barack Obama's failed presidency.