WATCH: Erika Erickson rappels down First National Building for charity

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FOX 2's Erika Erickson goes 'Over The Edge' to help Nepal.

We'll stream the view from the ground as she works her way down. Plus, she's also wearing a GoPro! Later in the day, we'll post the video exclusively to our Facebook page. Go like our page to see what she sees.

Erika is not exactly a stranger to taking risks. She's been skydiving twice and has always wanted to bungee jump! She says she's not afraid of heights but admits to being more nervous about the harness than the parachute.

So why is she doing this? It's all in the name of helping people in Nepal. The devastating earthquake killed 7,000 people and injured more than 17,000 more. It also destroyed historic structures that had stood in the country for generations.

You can go over the edge to help victims. Click here for the ovetheedgedetroit website and help raise money for victims of the natural disaster.