WATCH: Gunwoman caught after angry hotel clerk takes gun, fights her to ground

A robber was unmasked and caught after a Warren hotel clerk turned the tables -- taking the gun from her and wrestling her to the ground.

A masked gunwoman entered the Victory Suites near I-696 and Dequinde in Warren at about 6 a.m. Thursday.

The suspect showed the clerk the gun and demanded money.

"The clerk is angry. He argues with her a little bit, then he pulls the money out and slams it on the desk. He's angry and mad -- she's throwing money," said Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

The gunman then appeared to be counting the money -- until the clerk reached across the counter and took the gun.

The clerk leapt over the counter and the two got into a scrimmage. One shot was fired.

"It was like, boom! And I was like, 'Oh my God, it sounds like somebody just threw a bomb in here,'" a hotel customer recalled.

"You see they drop the gun on the floor, so the gun's now on the side and they're constantly back and forth -- she's a pretty feisty lady," Fouts said.

The suspect's mask came off in the fighting, and the woman ran off with the money.

But she left her gun behind, which the cops traced to a residence in Roseville where they eventually nabbed her in Novi, where she was working. 

"Her greed overwhelmed good judgment by not keeping hold of the gun," Fouts said.

Although one shot was fired, nobody was hurt. The clerk was too shaken up to talk, and the masked gunwoman is awaiting formal criminal charges in the Warren jail.