Watch: High-speed chase in Calif. ends after 2 hours

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A high-speed chase in California has finally ended after more than two hours. The chase began around 4:30 a.m. PST in the San Fernando Valley area and did not end until about 6:55 a.m. PST in northern San Diego County.

You can watch a replay of the chase, courtesy of SkyFOX from our sister station in Los Angeles. 

Click here if you cannot see the video.

We're told police attempted to pull the driver over in the San Fernando Valley for driving erratically.

The driver did not pull over and lead police on a pursuit that would last for more than two hours. 

During the pursuit, the driver was topping speeds of 100 mph on the freeway, and was going through red lights on city streets. Many viewers noticed while watching the chase live that she continued to use her blinker through much of the chase. 

Around 6:45 a.m. PST, the driver got off the freeway and began driving through a neighborhood. She was in northern San Diego County at this point.

The driver was playing sort of a maze game with police, as she was going through cul de sacs and hitting dead ends while trying to find a through street to exit the neighborhood.

The driver got away from police several times - once while driving over the front lawn of a home - before she was eventually boxed in. The chase ends at about the 32 minute mark in the video in the story. 

Officers approached the vehicle with guns drawn, and eventually opened her door and took the woman into custody without further incident. 

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.