WATCH: Man in clown mask knocking on car windows at McDonald's drive-thru

Police in Hazel Park have arrested a man they say was wearing a clown mask and knocking on car windows at a McDonald's drive-thru.

Police say they started getting calls around 4 a.m. Tuesday about a man in a clown mask. The man was spotted at the Mobil gas station on 9 Mile Road near I-75, and then at the McDonald's across the street.

The suspect walked up to vehicles in the drive-thru and knocked on their windows.

He then got in a blue Saturn and took off, but police were able to track down the vehicle. Two men were inside the car, and police found a clown mask and open alcohol in the car.

Police arrested 22-year-old Deonte Wiley of Clinton Township and 21-year-old Aaron Williams of Detroit. Police name Wiley as the suspect who was knocking on car windows.

Wiley has an outstanding warrant out of Hazel Park. Williams's license is suspended and police say he also has multiple outstanding warrants.

Both men were charged with disorderly conduct, among other charges. 

Bond for both suspects was set at $25,000 each.