Watch out for these scams as spring arrives

Officials say there are several types of scams you should be looking out for this spring as the weather warms up.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says the first are driveway sealers, who are using paint instead of sealant. And roofers who say this:

"They come up and say hey we are in the neighborhood we just did your neighbors and cause we're here and we've got the equipment here and the guys are here we will give you a special deal. And they look for seniors too."

Then there are phone and email scams. People pretend they're the IRS or police and demand money -- know never to give up financial information to these scammers. Then there's eBay exchangers. You buy or sell something, arrange to meet with the person and the worst possible thing happens.  

"You have a complete unknown meeting for a transaction and we've seen a lot of these go bad -- armed robbery, even Homicides. You have no idea who's meeting you to get that particular item, that device, or whatever you're selling. What they want a lot of times is just your cash," Bouchard said.

So to bust this scheme, Bouchard says meet at a safe zone, like the parking lot of the Troy police station, where you'll find a sign that clearly marks this is the place to do those types of exchanges. And yes, it's under surveillance.

And finally, your kids. Summer break is around the corner. Do you know who's on the other end of your child's phone?  The three apps to watch are Snapchat Instagram and  Sherrif Wickersham says intervention is integral. If you don't butt in and demand to see their devices, you could be inviting trouble right into your home. 

"Get those phones,get those computers and have a good conversation with your kid. Look at these apps. There's a lot of apps out there that predators are aware of. They're following your child on these apps. Be aware of who they're talking to," Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said.