WATCH: Trenton Channel Power Plant boiler house imploded

The boiler house of the Trenton Channel Power Plant came down with a bang early Friday.

Watch the implosion above.

It's the second phase of the demolition. The first phase happened earlier this year when the stacks were imploded

Trenton Channel Power Plant was active for nearly 100 years. 

DTE retired its two coal-fired power plants in Trenton and St. Clair at the end of 2022 when it announced plans to transition to cleaner energy production. Both helped foster economic growth and military production before and after World War II. 

What's planned for the site?

This isn't the end of the site's usefulness for DTE, which plans to replace the former coal-fired plant with an energy storage facility that will house a 220-megawatt battery center. It'll open in 2026.

According to a news release from DTE, the facility will be the largest energy storage project in the Great Lakes region.

During periods of excess power generation, the facility will serve as a home for electricity that can later be distributed to homes hooked up to DTE's grid. It's expected to power around 40,000 homes. 

Part of the facility's cost is offset by $140 million in tax incentives offered through the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. The total cost of the project is $500 million.

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