Trenton Channel Power Plant demolition begins with stack implosion

The smoke stacks of the Trenton Channel Power Plant came down Friday as DTE began the demolition of the building along the Detroit River. 

Watch video of the stack implosion above.

Trenton Channel Power Plant was active for nearly 100 years. 

DTE retired its two coal-fired power plants in Trenton and St. Clair at the end of 2022 when it announced plans to transition to cleaner energy production. Both helped foster economic growth and military production before and after World War II. 

DTE will demolish the downriver power plant in two phases.

Just like with any other demolition project, there are certain safety considerations that DTE will take account of when it takes down the smokestacks.

Here's what locals can expect:

  • DTE anticipates limited inconvenience to area residents.  
  • Demolition will last less than one minute. During this time, nearby residents may hear a short series of loud noises similar to thunder. 
  • Residents near the project site may detect some mild vibration during the demolition. 
  • Any temporary dust created by the demolition will dissipate within a few minutes. 
  • Immediately prior to demolition, vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be briefly interrupted on Grosse Ile Parkway and West Jefferson Avenue. No other major road closures are planned.  
  • We do not anticipate any interruption to residential utility services.   

The utility said hazardous materials will be properly disposed of according to state and federal regulations. Air and seismic monitoring will also be conducted around the site and on Grosse Ile. 

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