Water department worker imposters rob Dearborn Heights residents

Police are warning Dearborn Heights residents to watch out for a pair posing as water department workers who have already tricked two elderly homeowners.

It's a common scam -- two people go to the door, lure homeowner outside and the other person grabs whatever he can get his hands on.

Police say the scam happened around 5:45 p.m. Saturday on Ann Arbor Trail in a quiet Dearborn Heights neighborhood.

"Well you got to be careful. I mean, they will try and scam you, and they do it all the time," said George Fischer, a neighbor.

The two suspects went to an older woman's home.

The main one was white, medium height, slightly overweight, with a European accent, dressed in a white hat and a yellow vest.

He allegedly lured her outside to show her a tree that he said needed to be trimmed because it was causing a water main break.

Police say he then asked her to fill a bucket with water so he could perform a bacteria test.

While the first suspect distracted the woman, the second suspect entered the house and stole jewelry, according to police.

This image of the suspect's vehicle was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

The victim didn’t want to talk on camera but she told us she was shaken up and hasn't slept since the incident happened.

A few miles away on Waverly, a similar incident happened on Friday night.

Police say it was two white males, both with dark hair, both wearing green work vests.

They allegedly told the homeowner they needed to check the water.

The homeowner stayed with one man while police say the other one disappeared and stole jewelry.

If you know anything about these crimes, please call Dearborn Heights police.