Water suddenly switched off for almost 500 people in Clinton Twp

The residents of Rivers Edge Manufactured Homes in Clinton Township have spent the past two days without running water but say the water has been off and on all year. All this in the middle of a pandemic when we're all urged to wash our hands more.

Eight-year-old Ryan gets it. Not having water is a serious problems from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed.

"With having no water you can't shower, you can't brush your teeth, can't wash your hands," Ryan said.

He's one of many people at Rivers Edge Manufactured Homes without water - 499, to be exact, have been without water for going on 48 hours.

No running water also means you can't flush anything.

"I cannot flush this. It smells disgusting, I mean everybody's holding their poop," Tyler Slappey said.

Not only is there no water, Slappey and others said they get no notice when it happens and it happens often.

"We got no notice - our water gets shut off at least one or two times per month," Slappey said. 

Another neighbor told us it's happened 29 times since January.

Workers said it was a water main break and they needed to get some special ordered" parts in Flint.  

Bob Cannon is the supervisor for Clinton Township and says the problem is terrible but not one he can solve.

"This is their complex, it's a private system," Cannon said.

He says the township supplies the water to River's Edge but the community must distribute the water to the 499 units and make any repairs needed. The residents don't pay the township, they pay River's Edge. 

"We came over when we found out and our guys offered to help them fix it, to find out what was wrong, to give them parts that they may have needed because this is totally unacceptable," he said.

At the River's Edge management office they gave no comment but directed us to contact corporate headquarters in Utah. 

We called - and left a message have not received a call back.

However, we were told the water would be turned on, and just before 5 p.m., it was. Slappey said he started to get some drips of water, which is sorely needed now more than ever.

The township says it too will look into the water situation.