Waterford light display that takes 700 hours to prep

Kevin Nagy usually spends 500-hours creating a Christmas light display and another 200-hours setting it up. 

The display is located at a home in Waterford and is composed of 60,000 bulbs. 

“It’s a hobby that lasts 12-months,” said Kevin

“It brings out the best in him and in us,” said Kevin’s wife Tany Nagy. 

For citizens, Kevin and Tany’s home has become something of an icon. 

“Just to hear the kids say ‘oh my god look at that,’ and the families tell us thank you for doing this,” Tany said. 

For 9-years Kevin has handled the engineering. However, both Tany and Kevin came up with the concept by using software to sync the lights to music. 

“The wiring and the soldering and the building that’s about 500-hours,” said Kevin. “Then we’re in October and November, that’s where the 150 to 200 hours come in to set the bad boy up.”

While the display is beautiful, it is all for charity, The Michigan Humane Society. 

“After a couple seasons, more and more people were taking interest and I said I have a platform here and I can do some good,” said Kevin. 

So far, they’ve raised $30,000 and think this season could bring another $10,000

“Our family has been pets, and that’s the soul of who we are,” said Tany. 

They’re attracting on average 300 to 500 cats per night and the interest has them looking to take their show out of the neighborhood and to somewhere more convenient. 

“It’s time to find a new home,” said Tany. “Not for us, but for the show.”
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