Waterford woman who shot, killed husband alleging years of abuse is granted parole

A Waterford woman who was sent to prison for killing her husband is about to become a free woman. Tina Talbot, 53, has been granted an early release after making a self-defense plea to the parole board.

Tina shot and killed her husband, Milosz Szcepanowicz, in their Waterford home back in 2018. She says Szcepanowicz beat her and their then-7-year-old son, who has special needs, and threatened to kill both of them. 

She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and Oakland County Circuit Judge Martha Anderson sentenced Tina to 20 months to 15 years in prison for the shooting. But now she's set to be released in November. 

"Tina's paid her dues. She's paid the price. She needs to be back home and be with her son," Janene Staley, Tina's close friend, said. She told us Tina called her to tell her the news on Monday. 

We spoke with Tina's neighbors about the developments in her case and the circumstances leading up to that shooting in 2018.

We asked Jerry Jenkins if it was stunning to hear about what happened. "Knowing him? Nope. Nope," he replied. 

"You can't take a human life, I understand that, but Lord, this woman had almost every bone in her body broken by that guy. When is enough, enough?" said another neighbor, Larry Ivory. "Justice served? Over served."

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FOX 2 reached out to Milosz family Tuesday but has not yet heard back. 

His mother, Teresa Szcepanowicz, had this to say during Tina's sentencing last year: "Milosz could not defend himself when the defendant killed him, could not speak for himself when she slandered him and has no voice in this proceeding.

FOX 2 also reached out to the Michigan Department of Corrections for comment. MDOC said it is waiting to confirm the news of Tina's parole until they can be sure all interested parties, including the victim's family, can be notified. 

We're told Tina plans on working and lobbying state lawmakers to change legislation that would better protect domestic violence victims when they defend themselves against their abusers.