WAVE Projects new mobile showers providing clean hygiene for those in need

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Many people may take the privilege of having a hot shower for granted, but for some running water can make a world of difference.

"I stay under a bridge, and that's where I live," Dennis Dell'Eva said.

For several years Dennis Dell'Eva has found himself living on the streets of Clinton Twp.

"I'm financially wiped out, all my unemployment was gone," Dell'Eva said. 

He soon realized that the comforts of a home were also gone, like running water and the opportunity to take a hot shower.

Daniel Ramsey who lives under that same bridge in Clinton Twp spoke about not being able to take care of his personal hygiene.

"When you're homeless and your hygiene is not real good you lose a bit if dignity," Ramsey said. 

But a local nonprofit is working to change that.

It's called WAVE, Welcoming All Valuing Everyone.

On Saturday, the organization opened its new mobile shower unit in Mt Clemens.

Ramsey and Dell'Eva were on hand. They received a hygiene kit that includes items like soap and toothpaste, so they could clean up and feel brand new.

"It was instant hot water, real nice," he said.

Step inside the mobile shower unit and you will see it has three private stalls that each includes a toilet, sink, and stand up shower.

Volunteers clean the units after every use, so the next person can come in and experience the comfort of a hot shower.

"This was a dream actually, but we really believe strongly that we need to get into the community and connect with people and ask what the need was," Todd Gordon said, WAVE Project co-founder. 

For participants this mobile shower unit is more than a chance to wash up.

"The shower it allows you to clean yourself and reclaim your dignity you can hold yourself a little higher," Ramsey said. 

Participants are also fed, and they can get a new hairdo as well.

"I'll get a haircut, beard chopped down and I'll be able to walk out here with my head higher and meet some new people," Ramsey said. 

For more information visit the waveproject.org.