Wayne Co. Sheriff's Deputy arrested for drunk driving, biting police

A Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy is accused of driving drunk and getting violent with the officers who arrested him.

Robert Fontana works at the Wayne County Jail, but he ended up behind bars last weekend. While off-duty he was caught driving 90 miles an hour Saturday on I-75 in Auburn Hills.

Police say Fontana was drunk. He allegedly almost hit another car. When officers pulled him over, he told them he had a gun in his car. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested without any issues.

Investigators say Fontana was somehow able to get his handcuffed arms from the back of his body to the front of his body, while in the back of the squad car.

"Once he was here, he began choking himself," said Pageant Atterberry, Wayne County Sheriff's Office. "And that's when police pulled over to calm him down."

Police say when they tried to re-handcuff Fontana properly he bit two officers.

Cody Wertz is Fontana's neighbor in Lake Orion.

"There has got to be some mental health issue or something," he said.

"He was later put on a stretcher where he was tied down and taken in," Atterberry said.

Fontana was taken to an area hospital where he was evaluated before he was taken to jail. He has been a Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy for three years.

"This is actually surprising to us," Atterberry said. "We are not sure what is going on with Robert at home but we do wish him the best. We do hope everything is okay mentally with him.

"Right now he is suspended without pay. As far as staying with us, that is totally up to Sheriff (Benny) Napoleon. He is going to make that final decision after the investigation is complete."