Wayne County Board of Canvasser Chairwoman, Monica Palmer, speaks out after receiving threats

"I can't do anything without fear that someone is going to snatch my daughter," said Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman, Monica Palmer. 

Palmer spoke out after receiving a horrifying threatening message from a former Michigan resident, Katelyn Jones. 

"It contained nude photos of mutilated, assaulted dead women," Palmer said. Directly after that it was a text saying I should picture that as my daughter."

Palmer was also told she and her family should be afraid. 

"Because we're terrorists for interfering with the election," she said. 

The threatening messages came last month after Palmer originally voted to not certify Wayne County's election results, but then changed her mind to certify them. After asking for additional information. Palmer said she was just doing her job. 

"I'm not sure how trying to do the right thing and making a vote to certify numbers, turned into attacks against my family," she said. 
It was one of many threatening messages that came to Palmer.

"I couldn't keep up with all the social platforms of the ones that were coming in," she said. 

But the one from Jones stood out. 

This week Jones, who now lives in New Hampshire, was charged with threatening violence through interstate commerce. But Palmer still has concerns. 

"I don't know that she's not working with people locally," Palmer said. "This woman that I don't know has my name, my address and my phone number."

As a press conference Thursday, Palmer was asked if she had security. She passed on the question. But, she did have this to say about Jones - "Praying for her."

FOX 2 reached out to Jones and her attorney, but the wait for a response continues. 

A statement from the Michigan Republican Party Chair read: 

"This type of behavior is unacceptable in our society, and I am shocked and appalled. I am calling for our state's top Democrats, including Governor Whitmer, to make clear that this will not be tolerated. "

Palmer said despite those threatening messages, she plans to keep her job. 

"To make sure every vote is counted whether it's Republican or Democrat," Palmer said. "I would like to continue, yes."