Wayne County commissioners want to crack down on idling semi-trucks

Wayne County Commissioners want to reduce pollution released by idling trucks - but drivers disagree.

"This has been an issue that has been around for some time now," said Commissioner Tim Killeen.

This week the Wayne County Commission passed a resolution to prevent trucks and other commercial vehicles from idling.

"The idea is these diesel engines are very dirty when it comes to what comes out of their tailpipe," said Killeen.

Killeen co-sponsored the resolution.

"This is a resolution from the commission saying, 'Hey Lansing, we want you to take action,'" he said.

But some in the logistics industry believe this topic is up for debate, according to James Drummond, director of Safety Working in Logistics.

"Co2 could be good for the environment. Lots of science is coming out that concrete is the biggest problem for the ozone, harming the environment because it raises the heat level more than a truck does," Drummond said.

There’s also what’s known as the "human factor" that people working in logistics want lawmakers to consider.

"I don’t want my drivers in the heat inside the vehicle," he said. "As we know, lots of children's deaths have happened, dogs, pets, in the cold, and the heat. It could be worse for the driver in our trucks versus having that truck running, saving his life."

Those who believe trucks should be able to idle say not being able to do so could hurt the economy.

"Coming across hard and heavy right now with fines is going to affect the small business owner," he said.

That’s why Killeen says discussions are key.

"This is why it’s an advocacy piece," he said. "Let’s get people together, let’s get it in front of the legislature, let’s have hearings and let’s sort out when does this make sense and when doesn’t. But there’s a lot of times when it does make sense - why pollute if we don’t need to."