Wayne County creates mental health task force to educate residents

Wayne County is taking a new approach to mental health care to make sure everyone can get the help they need and shed the stigma of seeking treatment.

Spearheaded by Detroit City Councilman Roy McCalister, the city of Detroit is taking action, trying to help in the fight with those and for those afflicted by mental health challenges.

They have established a mental health taskforce, with the initial goal educating residents, raising awareness, and coordinating services with mental health care provides.

They also want to provide an outlet for people to come forward to acquire resources to help those suffering from mental health concerns.

Efforts like this can go a long way in improving the public peace, health and safety.

"We have to start small and as we go on we want to broaden and broaden, and I stated we want to start it in Detroit, have it go on to the State of Michigan and have a program where the federal government is looking at us saying, this is a great program we want to take this throughout the nation, because it's a national issue," McCalister said. 

The work has already begun.