Wayne County judge caught with loaded gun at Detroit Metro Airport

Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller (Photo: Reelection campaign website) 

When a juvenile judge in Wayne County went through TSA at Detroit Metro Airport earlier this month, a loaded firearm was discovered in her purse, according to a police report.

Cylenthia LaToye Miller had a .380 handgun when she was going through the security checkpoint on June 8. TSA contacted Wayne County Airport Authority police after spotting the suspected firearm on the X-ray scanner.

According to a police report, the gun "was not artfully concealed" in Miller's purse.

This firearm was found in Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller's purse (Photo: Airport police)

The gun's serial number was difficult to read, an officer wrote in the police report. Miller told police her brother gave her the gun, and she hadn't registered it.

Miller was cited for possessing a dangerous weapon.

Passengers can only travel with firearms in checked baggage. The guns must be unloaded, packed separately from ammunition in a locked hardback case, and declared at the airline check-in counter.

When a firearm is detected at a security checkpoint, TSA officers immediately contact local law enforcement, who remove the passenger and the firearm from the checkpoint area.

TSA may impose civil penalties of up to $14,950 per violation per person. If a traveler with a gun is a member of TSA PreCheck, they will lose their TSA PreCheck privileges for at least five years. 

Last year, 96 guns were intercepted at Detroit Metro. 

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