Wayne County judge's son sentenced to 4-10 years of 'brutal' child abuse she allegedly concealed 

The son of a Wayne County judge was sentenced to more than four years in prison after he was convicted of beating his children, which his mother, Wayne County Judge Tracy green, allegedly helped cover up.

Gary Davis-Headd was convicted last month of two felony charges of child abuse of his children. This was five months after his children and his current wife talked to FOX 2 and said that Judge Green helped cover up the abuse with makeup.

Davis-Headd's sentencing ended a sad saga for his children. 

"My dad would tell her about a bruise I had or something, and she would put make-up on it because we had to go to school and stuff, and she didn't want people to see," his older son said in May.

Judge Green said she never put makeup on bruises and called it 'utterly preposterous'.

"It just didn't happen," Green said.

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After Elrick's story broke, Wayne County Chief Judge Timothy Kenny decided Judge Green would not hear abuse and neglect cases until further notice. 

Judge Tracy Green, left, her son Gary Davis Headd.

In the meantime, Davis-Headd lost custody of his children. He was convicted of abusing his wife and then went on trial for allegedly abusing his children, where he was convicted of that as well.

Judge Green was reassigned from family court to criminal court, the same courthouse where her son was convicted. She watched as her son's most recent wife - who says he tried to kill her - asked another judge to show no mercy.

"I pray that the system will keep him locked away as long as possible," she said. "I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to see my kids again. He decided to put both his hands around my throat, cutting off my air as I continuously begged him to stop."

Choree Bressler, his first wife, blamed Judge Green for her son's actions. Even though Green was not a judge when that abuse took place, she said he used her legal connections to protect him.

"Their father beat them brutally for years without fear of any repercussions because of who their mother is. Judge Tracy Green created and raised a monster. She knowingly allowed her son to wreak terror, abuse and fear in the lives of many women and her grandchildren," Bressler said.

Judge Green has declined to address the allegations, citing judicial rules that limit a judge's ability to comment on legal matters. 

Davis-Headd told Judge Paul John Cusick that his mother raised him right and that he used a belt to beat his children to "correct them".

"I'm sorry that my children have been so hurt by my actions, I'm sorry that they have been convinced that my my goal was anything but to correct their behavior so that I could raise good children that they grow up to be good people," he said.

His son wasn't buying it. He said that he's heard his dad say that before.

"I do hope he gets jail time because he deserves it. I know he thinks he didn't do anything because he's pretty good at convincing himself he didn't do anything," his son said.

Judge Cusick didn't seem to be swayed by it either. He gave him the recommended sentence of four to ten years in prison - and a message.

"Fathers are supposed to make sure that their children are protected from harm, are protected from having to suffer pain - that's basically the number one obligation of a father," Judge Cusick said.

Judge Green has been hearing criminal cases involving adult offenders for a couple of months. It's unclear whether she'll ever return to hearing cases involving abuse and neglect of children.