Wayne County Sheriffs, Detroit police looking for new hires

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Detroit police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office are looking for more than a few good men and women. 

For Chief Robert Dunlap a career in law enforcement started out simply as a job. 

"I was fresh out of high school, I was 18 years old, no criminal conviction and driver’s license," he said. "I passed a basic skills test, an agility test and I became a police officer."

Thirty years later he's reflecting on the opportunity that came his way just by signing up. 

"I was able to promote through the ranks and it has been a wonderful experience for me," Dunlap said.

Now he is looking for the next generation or simply someone who needs a new path in life. For instances auto workers would could soon be laid off. 

"I would say to them take a look at the Wayne County Sheriff's Office," he said. "If you have passion and want to serve people take a look."

Chief Dunlap says there is an immediate need to fill positions as deputies. 

"(We are looking for) somewhere from 175 to 180 and because of that our officers work a lot of overtime," he said.

And not just here. Detroit police say they are always looking to hire new officers. Both the sheriff's office and DPD have held job fairs recently with two more planned this winter. 

A lot has been made about the ability of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Detroit police to retain officers. But according to Chief Dunlap, those who leave, come right back months later.

"That says a lot about the opportunity here in this agency," he said.

As for pay, DPD advertises $19 an hour while the sheriff's office is offering $16.65 to start. But as Chief Dunlap puts it, that's just the beginning. 

"You never know where the opportunity can lead you," he said.