Wayne County Treasurer Richard Hathaway abruptly resigns

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Richard Hathaway.

It is one of the most powerful jobs in metro Detroit , the office of Wayne County Treasurer.

But now the man who earned the title just weeks ago is calling it quits.

Many  were caught off guard by the sudden announcement and there is still no clear reason why after only a few months on the job Hathaway is calling it quits.

Phil Cavanagh was one of several candidates Richard Hathaway beat out for the position.

"I'm very surprised by it myself," he said.

After only three months on the job he submitted his resignation in a letter addressed to the three people who selected him, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, Clerk Cathy Garrett and Chief Probate Judge Freddie Burton Jr.

Hathaway said it had been and honor and privilege to serve in the position, but due to personal family matters he was compelled to step down.

"I met with the treasurer Hathaway two days ago," Cavanagh said. "And (he) didn't let on, we were talking about different projects. I know people met with him this morning and he didn't say anything."

Hathaway, a former chief assistant prosecutor for Worthy, replaced longtime treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz who retired after 39 years.

Worthy who helped select Hathaway, issued a statement that reads in part:

"I was confident that Richard would lead the treasurer's office through at least the next few election cycles. Being the treasurer is a full time commitment. He was genuinely concerned that the recent confluence of family events would not allow him to serve with the excellence and time commitment necessary."

Phil Cavanagh, a former state rep who spent years helping families facing foreclosure may have been passed up before, but he says that's not stopping him from throwing his hat into the ring again.

"He was very qualified and prosecutor Worthy had great faith in him as well as did Judge Freddie Burton but I will go back and convince them I'm the best candidate."

Hathaway will stay on the job until April 8th. Even if Cavanagh is not selected to take over temporarily he says he plans to run for the position this summer.