Wayne elementary teacher accused of exposing himself to students

An elementary school teacher is accused of groping and exposing himself to students in the classroom. The Wayne-Westland school district is investigating but parents say they've been complaining for weeks.

The details bring tears to the grandmother of a seven-year-old Roosevelt McGrath Elementary School student. Tina Dailey says after a field trip Monday, her grandson and two other boys said they went into the bathroom with their 47-year-old male teacher. That's where they said he groped and exposed himself to them.

"He pointed to his private area and I said 'did he touch you with his private?' and he said 'yes' and I said 'where?' he said 'my mouth'," said Dailey.

Another parent, Willie Goode, says his six-year-old son was also in that bathroom. He said he discovered Tuesday night that the teacher also put his fingers in the little boys mouths and told them not to tell on their "best friend."

"He said 'he's my friend, he gives us candy, and he sings to us'," said Goode said. 

"I told him 'he's not your friend, buddy'," said Dailey.

Dailey says her grandson approached her February 24th in tears.

"He says 'my teacher is hurting me'. I said 'how is he hurting you?' He said 'he keeps squeezing my nipples and squeezing my face and hugging me.' And I'm like 'who is doing this?' Again, he named same teacher," Dailey said.

Dailey said she contacted the principal back then and nothing was done. Now, three weeks later, she says they're still not doing anything.

"He shouldn't be on the street," Dailey said. "He's really dangerous."

Wayne police said they began investigating the incident on Wednesday. The superintendent of Wayne-Westland Schools said they're working closely with police, adding that their primary concern is the safety of students. He would not comment on the status of that staff member accused.

"How is he still teaching? How is he still around these students? They didn't pass a letter around at school. They didn't do anything. Other parents need to know what's going on," said Goode.

Goode says his young son now has nightmares. He says he wishes he could've protected him.

"My son is not the same."

Whether the investigation reveals the allegations to be true or not, both Goode and Dailey said they're not allowing the children to go the school until that teacher is gone.

"If there's three kids in one day that this guy hurt and he's subcontracting at different schools, there has to be other children," said Dailey.

Because the staff member has not been charged with a crime as of 6:45 p.m. Friday March 13, his identity is not being released.