Wayne woman can't reach family in Haiti, hit by Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew is leaving a trail of destruction in the Caribbean before potentially setting its sights on the U.S.

A local woman whose family is in Haiti hasn't been able to reach them yet, following the storm.

Flore Kelley is hoping for good news - but hearing nothing from her family in Haiti. Four brothers, four sisters are unreachable after Hurricane Matthew tore through the poor island nation.

"I haven't heard from them and the news that I've seen thus far they're showing buildings collapsing, flooding, power outage and stuff like that," she said.

Kelley lost relatives when their homes collapsed in the devastating earthquake there in 2010.

"People are still living under a tent - you know - it's devastating -it's hard to swallow," she said.

Kelley's family did get housing after the earthquake - but she has no idea if it still exists after Hurricane Matthew.

"Now we're back to square one, more malaria," she said.

Also cholera, Zika - she fears the worst but is hoping for the best, hoping people here will help Haiti as this poor island nation tries to recover from yet another natural disaster.

"These people - they are very strong people," Kelley said. "They  have strong wills - they just don't have the means."

Things we take for granted - clean water, electricity, food and shelter. As Matthew bears down on the United States, Kelley is worried about relatives in Miami - but is confident they will at least get the help they need.