'We don't have a pack of oatmeal to eat': Detroit family's home shot up, firebombed and robbed

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A Detroit family of six was left with nothing Wednesday after someone shot up their house, firebombed them and stolen from them.

"This is all I've had I have been here for 7 years. I bought this house," said Shannon Clemens.

It's the worst 24 hours Shannon has ever had.

"First they start shooting through the front of the house and my kids was laying on the couch and it was so cloudy in here, I couldn't see nothing so I'm just laying on the floor trying to wait for the bullets to stop," he said.

He says early Wednesday morning their house near 7 Mile and Hoover was targeted. His four kids and fiancé inside. 

"Just riddled the house somebody pulled up and got to shooting," he said.

"All I know is to try and protect them and grab them, it's the only thing I could do," said Kerrina Powell.

Everyone got out without getting hurt. 

"We figure since they shot the house up let's go somewhere for a night and let it calm down," Clemens said.

Then, he got a call early Thursday morning that the house was now on fire.

"Neighbors say people pulled up shooting and then they seen fire," he said. 

Everything is torched. 

"We don't have a pack of oatmeal to eat.  We don't got nothing," Clemens said.

FOX 2 was there when Detroit police were taking the report. 

FOX 2: "Is anybody have it out for you?"

Clemens: "All I do is cut grass and come back to my family." 

On top of all this, Shannon came back to the house to find people stealing his tools he uses to run his landscaping business. 

"When pulled up, they taking everything," he said.

As upset as he is, Shannon says crime is all around him, even gunshots interrupt our interview.  

"There it go again -- shooting again," Clemens said.

The family is staying in a hotel for now with literally the clothes on their backs. But somehow, they're staying positive. 

"Nobody got hurt, we got our lives though -- everything else can be fixed," he said.

The family set up a fundraising page for the Clemons, click here to help out.