"We just want our principal back": students rally outside Allen Park Middle School

Students at Allen Park Middle School gathered outside Monday morning in a support protest for their principal. Mark Lowe is currently on paid leave, for the second time this year. He's now also the focus of an internal investigation but school leaders are not sharing many details.

"The school board isn't being transparent about anything," eighth grader Cameron Green told us. 

The district's superintendent Mike Darga did say that he recieved multiple formal complaints concerning Lowe and the that allegations are significant, serious and extensive.

Parents and chaperones around the school Monday say they support what the students are doing. 

"I think it's great. They're doing what they think is right, and they love this man to death," said Liz Brooks. Her nephew was part of the protest. 

"I think freedom of speech is good for them to express what they feel as long as they keep it orderly and that they get back to class," said Debbie Washalek. 

The controversy first began in February when Lowe mistakenly sent a suggestive photo of a banana to school staff. We are told it was intended for a specific teacher and it was supposed to be a joke. 
Lowe apologized, returned to work and shortly thereafter was gone again on voluntary leave.

"He's the blood that runs though the veins here. I mean I've never seen a middle school principal so beloved by so many kids that he teaches and mentors everyday," parent Jesse Warr told us. 

Students tell us many of the activities Lowe helped organize are no longer attended by middle schoolers, which is another way they are backing him and what they say he's done for them.
And they don't plan to stop until they have answers.

"We just want our principal back," Green said. 

We're told a school board meeting will be held tonight.