‘We Love Trump Rally’

“Show your pride and colors for your county, and come join us,” one supporter said. 

That call was put on social media, with hopes of getting people to come out to the corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke in Shelby Township to support President Donald Trump. 

“We will respond with music, art, joy and love,” another supporter said. 

The supporters are calling President Trump’s non re-election a microcosm of the election campaigns as a whole. 

“Just looking at the amount of people that were at his rallies and all the support here, it just couldn’t be right,” said supporter Denise. 

That was part of the reason why supporters were so surprised to see Joe Biden named the next president. They were also not convinced that his victory was inaccurate. 

“I’d like to see President Trump given the same thing Al Gore was afforded, which is time to count the legal votes,” Denise said. 

“Everywhere there is a democrat clerk, we want an investigation for fraud and we won’t accept the election until there is an investigation for fraud,” one supporter said. 

The group said whether you like him or not, President Trump has made America great. 

President Trump has yet to concede the race as numerous lawsuits and allegations fraud have been levied and are still playing out around the county.