"We on the Lodge with it": Cars doing doughnuts on major freeway has attention of Detroit police

It's the video viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media, of the Lodge Freeway being brought to a halt by a group of reckless drivers. 

"My little brother was just talking about this this morning, they're going to end up hurting somebody, hurting somebody bad," Detroit resident Aaron Payton said. 

We showed the footage to Detroiters near where it happened on the Lodge close to Livernois Friday night around 11 p.m. 

"This is just wreck less, no point of it." 

The video shows a group of drivers, in what looks like mostly Dodge Charges blocking off all lanes. They get out of their cars cheering on at least one person doing donuts on the highway. 

"Youngsters these days that's the in thing now to do that cars got a lot of power, and they are doing it to the fullest," Detroit resident Eric Charleston said.

Witnesses say it lasted several minutes. You can see all the traffic backing up in the video. 

Detroit Police showed up and sent the drivers screeching away.

"Might be the cars, the cars make you want to turn up," Peyton said.  

Detroit Police James Craig saw the video too and released this statement Sunday:

"We are not going to tolerate this blatant disregard for public safety in our city. More to come." 

A crackdown is expected, but details weren't immediately released.

"They need to chill out for real," Peyton said.