Weather or Not: Thanksgiving Stats Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I’m preparing dinner for my immediate family in our safety bubble, I looked out the window to verify our holiday forecast. Yes, it’s cloudy, but you know we’ve had a variety of memorable weather during Thanksgiving week.

For example, if you looked out your window this week in 1975 and again in 1977, you would see more than 5” of snow on the ground in Detroit! 

Farther North, in 2002, it was a lake effect event that piled up more than 17” of snow in Port Huron.

Contrast that with the warmest Thanksgiving Day. That would be in 1986 with a temperature of 65! Keep in mind that’s 20 degrees above the norm.

These local stats pale in comparison with the nation’s biggest storms on or near Thanksgiving Day. 

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, big Thanksgiving Day snow storms occurred in 1971 (22” in Albany, NY), 1983 (21” in Denver, CO), 1987 (18” in Flagstaff Lake, Maine) and 1989 (heavy rain in the Carolinas changing to 14” of snow in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.) That’s a lot of snow!

All that inclement weather makes our 51-degree Thanksgiving Day welcome relief! Fog may be our only concern tonight.

You can always get the latest forecast on our free Fox2 Weather app. 

Hope you and your family have a restful day!

See you soon with more Weather or Not!