Wedding re-do for Detroit couple after being mocked on social media

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Sometimes you just need a re-do in life. One couple’s Detroit wedding wasn’t the fanciest but it was a union between two people who love each other. 

When Laquint and Janae Rhodes posted their photos on social media they went viral, but only because people were mocking their ceremony. Sunday the Rhodes had a “re-do wedding.”

Many of those commenters would likely ask for a re-do themselves, if they knew what was going on behind the scene.

“For about a week or two straight it was all guilt, a ball of emotions, but not happy, we couldn’t really be happy," Janae said.

They had gotten married, but their 6-year-old had been in a swimming accident the night of the reception so of course that’s where their minds were after they tied the knot. They had no idea posting photos of their special day would prompt internet jeering.

“We were hurt, we were confused, we were sad,” she said.

Sunday, they got a chance to do their wedding all over again. 

The first time around the love was there, but they admit perhaps not all the fanfare. 

“Most of the time it’s about finances, it’s about the right venue, everything didn’t matter. We both woke up and were like let’s just do it,” Janae said.

When “Oh So Radio” found out about all the social media taunting they said no to the critics, making sure the Rhodes next go-round was more than picture perfect. 

“I can imagine going viral for something bad and negative and then have that other personal blow, I just felt like I wanted to help them,” Oh So Radio’s Randi Rossario said. 

The really made the love birds feel like a king and queen on their special day.

“Appreciative thankful, grateful, not so much for the first one I had no voice, I have a voice this time, Janae said.” “Let it go babe let it go,” Laquint added.

When they walked into the reception hall for the first time, where local businesses donated their services to make their second wedding sing. All they could do was dance. 

“Oh my God, oh can’t nobody say anything about Detroit probably the last week we’ve been smiling non-stop, like a kid before Christmas, a kid on the first day of school that’s the best way to describe our emotions today,” Rhodes said.

 The Rhodes say their 6-year old is back to normal, running around smiling. The couple also got an all-expenses paid trip to Montego Bay.