Welcome Inn Day Center fills warming need from the cold

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The “Welcome Inn Day Center” is filling a need for day warming centers in south Oakland County.

Benjamin Ogden, the Executive Director of the “Welcome Inn Day Center” says the facility, run out of the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Southfield, is meant to be a “companion piece” for other services that help people during the night. 

Emergency warming overnight centers in Royal Oak and Ferndale were open before “Welcome Inn” was created in 2003 after Ogden says a man froze to death the previous year in Royal Oak. The incident happened during the daytime hours.

As a result of the death, the community realized there was a need to provide warming resources during the day. 

As the overnight shelters are closing, folks from “Welcome Inn,” bus guests from the overnight facilities to the Church, where they can stay warm, get lunch and dinner and several other services. 

"We were going through a hardship, my family and I," said Geoff Gray. "They have a great counciling staff."

Services surrounding housing, Veteran’s Affairs, health care, mental health and clothing are provided for folks while they’re there. 
Healthcare workers come to the facility during the day and look for issues like frost bite, cold related elements, and flu and cold. 

A referral helps participants get connected with a provider who can treat them. It is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at night.

“We’re one of the best kept secrets in south Oakland County,” Ogden said.

The problem with being so well hidden is funding their operation can be somewhat difficult and they rely heavily on donations.
To find out more head to www.SOCHWI.org or email WelcomeInnSoch@gmail.com