'We're all praying': Vigil held for teen who suffered cardiac arrest on basketball court

On a bitterly cold Friday night — family and friends lit candles for 18-year-old Cartier Woods.

"I just want him to wake up in the bed that’s my main concern," said his aunt Dawanda Woods.

Cartier — a senior at Northwestern High School in Detroit -  went into cardiac arrest and collapsed Tuesday night during a school basketball game."

"I was there, so I saw everything it was like I have to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with that same thought in my head, it is really traumatizing, you know," said Iyania Curry, a friend.

Now on life support, the people who love Cartier are praying for a miracle.

"We are all praying every day, every moment, everybody, a lot of support and prayers," Dawanda said.

There were a lot of kind words shared at the vigil.

"We just built this close bond, like he was just one of the most real friends I’ve ever known in my life," said friend Jalin Adams. "He always cared about us, always checked up on us, even when he went to a new school."

An athlete for years, Cartier was always healthy and strong - making this even harder to grasp.

"We're praying for you Carty - always be my baby no matter what," said one relative at the vigil.

Loved ones shared fond memories to help ease the burden.

"Starbucks on Woodward, we used to always go there after school we’d get brownies, he would always pay for my brownies," said Iyania. "He always looked out for us you know."

"A very good person, he’d give anybody anything, if he had it," Dawanda said.

A GoFundMe has been established to help Cartier's family HERE.