"We're suffering from PTSD," community on edge after dead body found on Barham Street

It was a knock at the front door that woke Pamela White up Sunday night.

"It was 11 o'clock when police knocked on my door and asked if I had heard gunshots or anything," said White.

But it was what she saw outside that has her on edge. When she poked her head outside, she saw the lifeless body of a man not too far from her front yard. It happened on Barham Street near East Outer Drive.

"Something like this, it's really jarring. It really is, it's shaking me up," she said. 

Investigators say the victim of the fatal shooting is a John Doe and right now they have more questions than answers. So they're calling on anyone who has information to speak up so they can find the suspect and solve this case.  

"Homicide is very interested in knowing if they saw anyone coming, going, leaving," said LaShanna Potts, a captain with the Detroit Police Department. "If they heard gun shots at the time his body was discovered. We need that information."

Residents say Barham Street is no stranger to crime. In August last year, another man was shot in his car on this same street.

"There was a gentleman shot at this corner and he made his way to the other corner where he hit the light pole," said White. 

White believes it's difficult to recover when crime finds its way into a community. 

"We're suffering from PTSD," she said. "Everybody's on edge, you just never know what's going to happen and when." 

As the investigation continues into this incident on Barham, police have a message for the community at large. 

"Put the guns down and learn to talk to each other," said Potts.

White believes it could save a life and restore peace to her neighborhood 

"Look out for your neighbors, say a kind word. Smile at somebody," White said. "It's just so simple and it could change a life."