West Bloomfield woman found beaten in Detroit street

A West Bloomfield woman was found bloody and beaten left in the middle of the road on Detroit's east side.

The 33-year-old is now fighting for her life inside Henry Ford Hospital. She was discovered by a friend early Wednesday morning, who then called police.

"She appeared to have been the victim of a pretty massive assault," Sgt. Michael Woody said.

A friend of the 33-year-old victim told police just before 7 a.m. he met up with the woman to give her a ride, dropping her off at McNichols and John R on the city's east side.

Woody said she was there to buy drugs.

"This woman has had some issues with drug addiction," Woody said. "So she was in the neighborhood to purchase narcotics," Woody said.

The friend drove around the block and circled back just moments later, the man said he saw the woman is in the middle of the street, bleeding from her head.

"He picked her up off the street and conveyed her to the hospital," Woody said. "All the while he was on the phone with our 911 dispatchers advising them of each intersection he was going through."

Detroit police say her injuries were so severe they thought the young woman had been shot. Police later determined she had been hit in the head, and is in critical condition.

This assault is just a block away from where Detroit police are already investigating another attack. A gay man was shot Monday on Arizona near Woodward and detectives out in the area once again Wednesday.

"When we see trends like this in the police department, we take notice," Woody said. "We are investigating both crimes vigorously."

Police have not said if these two crimes are related and do not have suspects in custody for either. They're turning to the public for help solving both crimes.