West coast wildfires are changing Michigan sunsets

People can expect Michigan sunsets to be even prettier for the next few days

The vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that have been glowing brighter than usual this week are because of wildfires that are burning on the other side of the country. The smoke generated from nearly a hundred wildfires in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon is being blown across the U.S. after rising high enough to be caught in the jet stream. 

The particulate matter then distorts the rays of the sun.

The hazy sunshine that's poking through happens when smoke that rises into the upper atmosphere then descends over the Great Lakes. 

It generates a vivid-looking sky as the sun goes down since the smoke particles scatter the incoming light, letting some wavelengths through and bouncing others back into space. 

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Sometimes if the smoke is so thick, the sun can be completely blotted out.

According to Accuweather, which did a write-up about the effects of the smoke on sunlight, the changing conditions of the weather may also generate more rain in states further in the middle of the country.