West Michigan man needed three people to confirm his massive lottery winnings

A west Michigan man needed a triple confirmation before he allowed himself to truly believe what he was seeing: he had won $500,000.

The Muskegon County man had played the lottery at a local grocery store in Holton - though he didn't scratch off anything until he got home. 

"I bought two Luxury Cashword tickets while we were in the store," he told Michigan Lottery Connect. "I scratched the tickets when we got home and when I saw I'd won $500,000, I didn't get too excited because I didn't believe what I was seeing."

To help jog his belief, the man asked his wife to look over the ticket. She confirmed that was the case - but it still wasn't enough. 

So the man asked his mom to look. And one of his friends. 

"After they looked the ticket over and confirmed the prize, it started sinking in that we had really won. Winning is such a blessing!" he said.

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So far, $7 million has been won playing Luxury Cashword, a Michigan lottery game launched in March.

The 38-year-old winner of this half-a-million-dollar prize said he plans to invest and pay for home repairs.