Westland PD look for phone store thief who had display topple on him

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Westland police say the suspect pried the door open - then squeezed behind the gate and went to town stealing cell phones.

He's clearly not that smooth - as evidenced by a display falling on top of him during his spree. 

"I guess you could kind of chalk this up to instantaneous karma," said Sgt. Robert Wilkie.

Wilkie from Westland police says he's due for another dose of it.

Take a good look at the guy who broke into the Metro PCS store on Middle Belt near Annapolis in Westland back on March 4th.

A security camera inside captured his every move.

"First he made his way to the display stand where he tried to rip a phone off of the wall," Wilkie said. "And as we talked about, instantaneous karma occurred and he possibly got a knot on his head for his trouble."

"While he may not have been the most efficient of crooks, he was fairly effective-ripping off a number of cell phones and accessories. He even made two trips.

Now Westland police need your help to find him.

"The clothes that he's wearing is very distinguishable," Wilkie said. "He seems to have a very set color theme: he's tan with his coat with his sweatshirt, his pants, his boots. The sweatshirt that he's wearing seems to have some white lettering on the front. He also has a black knit cap with a white logo on it.

"In addition to the clothing he also has a pointed beard. when we freeze the frame on that video it looks like it comes out and comes to a point on his chin."

And here's another point to consider: it's likely those stolen phones cannot be activated. Even so, Westland police say it would not stop him from trying to sell them.

Westland police says the man may live in the area. If you recognize him or know of anyone who may have just happened to come across a large number of phones, give Westland police a call.