What a show: Ford Fireworks resume downtown after 2 year pause

Detroit's Ford Fireworks show was back in live-action downtown after a two-year pause thanks to the pandemic.

There were no significant incidents or arrests Monday night according to Detroit Police Chief James White. DPD planned for about 250,000 people, and got about less than half that with 17,000 to 18,000 in Hart Plaza and roughly 100,000 in the viewing area downtown.

"This is one of our favorite activities every single year and we’ve really missed it," said Lisa Amman, from Farmington Hills.

Thousands of Detroiters and Metro Detroiters reveled in the 60-plus year summer tradition on the riverfront downtown. You could only watch it on TV or online in 2020 and 2021.

"It’s definitely a good thing to be back out here," said Christopher Michaux of Detroit.

The Michauxs from the east side, were not going to miss this for anything.

Mom Jackie and dad Christopher grew up going to the fireworks – and now they’re passing on the tradition to their kids.

"I’m glad to bring the kids and let them know this is something that’s one of the big staples of Detroit, the fireworks," said Jackie Michaux. "We don’t have to go somewhere else to watch it. we can do it right here in our own city."

And do so with a sense of security. Detroit police was out in full force and it made Hart and Spirit plazas gun-free zones.

DPD set up weapon detectors at the entrance of Hart Plaza and throughout downtown.

"We have our Evolve metal detectors, and we have a couple of camera screens, so basically when you walk past it you can see yourself and we can see you," said Assistant Chief Charles FItzgerald, DPD.

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Derwin Elam and his family have certainly taken notice.

"I feel safer. I didn’t mind them checking my cooler, nothing, it was fine with me," said Elam. "I hope they do everybody the same, don’t skip anybody."

"It feels good: Everybody is coming together now," said Princess Hollins of Detroit. "Instead of being apart, mostly everybody coming together."