What is CBD Oil and what does it do?

Made By Hemp's Brady Madden joined us to sort out CBD oil and what it does. Watch in the video player above.

CBD products are everywhere, from sparkling water to skin care creams and even dog treats. Mainstream stores like Walgreen's and CVS are now selling CBD sprays and patches, too. But how do you know what you're getting, how much to use and if it's the right choice for you? 

"Our bodies actually produce their own cannabinoids, so just like vitamin A or C, or calcium, we can get deficient in them. So CBD oil is just meant to bridge that gap or reduce that deficiency,"  Madden explained. 

Madden also said to be sure what you're buying has been checked and certified. "Look for a lab test or some form of a COA - which stands for Certificate of Analysis and if you can get that with your product, you can find out how much CBD is in there and if it's meeting what it's supposed to be meeting and essentially if there's anything bad in it; are there any contaminants," he said. 

CBD oil has varying benefits and can help people struggling with anxiety, stress or pain reduction.

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