Where are the workers and are Detroiters being left behind in its own comeback?

We're more than a year into the ‘great resignation’ and many companies are offering incentives and more money in hopes of keeping their employees. But that doesn't always work. So where have they gone?

Brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic when many workers started to rethink their careers, work lives, and long-term goals, the Great Resignation started in early 2021 and is still ongoing as employees continue to consider their future.

So, they've resigned, now what? Job openings are at the highest levels they've been at since 2001, does that mean the people who have resigned are still out of the workforce? 

This week on Let it Rip, we talk with Sarah McElroy, who set aside her own hustle work life, plus HR expert Carrie Schochet, and business owner and former governor candidate Kevin Rinke.

That's our first story. Our second story takes a deeper look into the resurgence of Detroit: Are the business owners and people who stayed through the leanest of years being left behind?

Back in February, Louisiana Creole Gumbo in Detroit's Eastern Market was forced out by its landlord after 50 years. Owner Joe Spencer owned one of the oldest Black-owned restaurants in the city. That ended in February when the landlord decided he wanted to sell the building and Joe and to go.

Joe talks about his experience and what he thinks of the changes the city is going through. Plus business coach and consultant Mark Lee and communications strategist Karen Dumas are here too. 

Let it Rip airs at 10:30 on Thursday. You can watch it in the player above.