Where to find morel mushrooms in Michigan

Morel times approaching in Michigan.

May is morel month, and they typically fruit from late May until mid-June, but these mushrooms are usually found beginning in late April. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, morels are the safest of the more than 2,000 wild mushroom types that grow in the state.

When looking for morels, check areas without grass or other ground covers, as you won't find them in areas with this.

A morel mushroom (Photo by Beth Macdonald/Unsplash)

You can often find morels in areas where there were fires larger than 10 acres in the last year, especially if the burned area had jack, white, or red pine. 

This map shows areas where there have been large burns within the past few years. Though there are none in Metro Detroit, there are clusters in Southeast Michigan.

When you find a morel, harvest it by cutting the stem with a knife and collect them in a mesh bag. When you get home, clean them with a brush then slice them lengthwise to check for bugs. Store the mushrooms in a paper bag until you are ready to cook and eat them.

The DNR suggests cooking morels by sautéing them in butter or oil for five minutes on each side. Lightly salt the morels, but do not over season them.