'White Boy Rick' to get parole hearing

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"He's overwhelmed. He's emotional. But at the same time, he's able to keep a level head," said Scott Burnstein, Rick Wershe’s biographer.

Rick Wershe better known as White Boy Rick has been in prison for 29 years for possession with intent to deliver more than 650 grams of cocaine - a crime he committed at 17-years-old.
But now, the Michigan Parole Board has voted in favor of granting him a public hearing.
Six of the ten members voted in favor.

"We're halfway home. It's a two-step process for lifers in Michigan to get parole. He hasn't gotten to the second step of the process going on 13 or 14 years now," said Burnstein.

Burnstein says he has been working with Wershe to co-author his biography.
The convicted drug dealer has run into road blocks while fighting for his freedom.
He is serving a life sentence with occasional opportunities for parole.
So far, the parole board has declined to release him.

"He's the longest serving juvenile non-violent offender in Michigan."

During his time behind bars, Wershe has cooperated with the FBI to help break up drug rings and solve other crimes.

Burnstein says Wershe is simply looking to rebuild his life.

"He had his life taken away from him when Ronald Regan was President, if that can give people some point of reference. That was a long time ago. I was in fourth grade."

The public hearing for Rick Wershe is schedule for some time in June, but exactly when and where the hearing it will take place is not known.